Established in 1997, Qualitas Health is one of the leading holistic healthcare solution providers in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

Led by a team of passionate board-certified professionals and entrepreneurs, Qualitas Health is committed to providing the highest standard of patient care through advanced technology and innovative healthcare solutions.

Our Services

Utilising state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of board-certified physicians, Qualitas Health Bangladesh provides innovative solutions for medical needs

1. Chronic Illness Management
Chronic illness diseases are long-term conditions that usually progress over time and require continuous monitoring and care

2. Minor Surgery & Procedure
Comprehensive medical consultations in minor clinical procedures using minimal equipment and without the need for general anaesthesia

3. Health Screening
Qualitas Health clinic provides full health and medical services, including screening services covering pandemics such as COVID-19

4. Wellness & Preventive Care
The practice of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is central to our philosophy of preventive healthcare

5. Vaccination & Travel Medicine
A variety of immunisation and vaccination offered to protect against the most common flu and preventive diseases

6. Health Talks
A broad range of health talks and programmes delivered by our experts to educate and create awareness

Accreditation & Awards